Houses made from solid logs

On foundations previously prepared by the Customer, we install the framework of the house made in the traditional way with the use of spruce or pine wood logs that have been naturally seasoned, then chamber dried, to give a greater resistance to cracks and twisting. The log size ranges from 13.5 cm to 30 cm. Buildings built from logs have a framework and corners with dovetails joints.

An alternative is Post and Beam construction with the use of a thick post framework clad with logs (external walls), giving a symmetrical appearance to the walls. The ground floor walls constructed in this way are capped off with a massive cap beam compressing the walls (tightening all joints).

Unfinished state, open

*the given thicknesses of wooden elements are examples and depend on the design and the customer’s requirements.

Scope of work:

  • Manufacture of the walls of the ground floor with a log 13.5cm -30cm * (choice of wood: pine or spruce)
  • 4-side log planing
  • We assemble the building components at the customer’s site.
  • Treatment of the logs
  • Preparing the planed beams
  • One-time decorative treatment protecting the beams
  • Optional Machining the decorative beam ends
  • Installation of terrace and porch columns from natural logs or massive hewn columns
  • Fastening the structure to the foundations
  • Decoration of the Porch beam ends
  • Install the partition walls of the ground floor
  • Gables are covered with cladding boards as in old buildings or a 6 cm log on the framework
  • Install the roof beams
  • Install Attic wall framework
  • Fix the Roof formwork and roofing
  • 2-fold impregnation of the entire building in the colour chosen by the Customer
  • Loading and unloading
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Developers status

List of operations:

  • Comprehensive roof cover (customer’s choice)
  • Implementation of comprehensive soffits outside the building
  • Installation of decorative porch posts
  • Installation of decorative beam ends
  • Installation of external window joinery (optional)
  • Construction of terraces
  • Thermal insulation with mineral wool gr. 15 cm of outer walls of the ground floor and foiling of these walls
  • Installation of wind and vapor barrier membranes
  • Inside Cladding of external walls with a thick, wide board imitating a log, 20-24 cm wide
  • Fit Soffit boards with decorative ends
  • Nailing the boarding to the ceiling beams, thickness 22mm, width 12cm.
  • Sound insulation of partition walls
  • Clad the partition walls with board thickness 22mm, width 12cm
  • Attic roof insulation with mineral wool thickness 20cm
  • Clad the attic with a board, thickness 22mm, width 12cm.
  • Thermal insulation of the peaks with mineral wool thickness 20cm
  • Seal the top with a board, thickness 22mm, width 12cm
  • Lay the floor on the ground floor 36mm (pine or spruce – to select) without sanding and varnishing
  • Ceiling insulation with mineral wool
  • Lay the attic floors 36mm (pine or spruce – to select) without sanding and varnishing
  • Impregnation of the building interior, twice.