We build

Houses, Summer houses, Mobile homes, Inns, Guesthouses, Industrial buildings, Sheds, Stables, Gazebos, Motels, etc.

Our Headquarters are located in Poznań – Ul. Grunwaldzka 11. Why Poznań? Because it is a thriving trade centre connected with Europe and the World and owes its success to the International Trade Fair Grounds and the close proximity of Germany and Western Europe.

We have many years of experience in the construction of large facilities. Our excellent technological and logistic facilities allow us to perform complex works on large projects such as: Inns, Motels, Restaurants and Guest houses. We have our own large drying chamber which guarantees quick and even drying and the complete elimination of fungi and mould. Your Motel or Tavern will have a unique atmosphere thanks to each piece of wood being properly prepared and machined. Also, thanks to the properties of wood, the building will be self-ventilating and have natural humidity regulation, which will result in, for example, no kitchen odours, even without active ventilation.

Log houses, half-log houses, timber frame houses.

We support traditional carpentry construction with the latest technologies, which is why we build solid and beautiful wooden houses with excellent thermal characteristics. Your home will regulate indoor humidity by itself, thanks to which the household members will enjoy better health and a longer life. The size of the interior space is not a limitation for us. We use spruce, larch and pine wood to build our wooden houses.

Summer houses (log cabins, half-log cabins, timber frame houses)

In the production of summer houses, we do not lower quality in any way. Design and construction is identical to our luxury log houses and taverns. Your holiday home will be beautiful, solid and healthy. By using traditional carpentry methods (carpentry joints like dovetails) your recreational home will stand out and retain its value for decades.

Wooden mobile homes with a frame structure.

The construction of our Mobile Homes in no way resembles that of the average Mobile Home. We build solid walls with a framework structure, using traditional carpentry joints, we guarantee the rigidity and durability. There is a complete absence of Plastics and Dangerous chemicals. Your mobile home will regulate its indoor humidity giving a comfortable, healthy sustainable way of life.

Small buildings (gazebos, saunas, garages, wooden fences, sheds, stables, tool stores, etc.)

Built to the same standards and quality of our larger structures ensuring they will give excellent service for decades.

Tartak Białystok - Drzewart Dom

Sawmill supplies (Framework components for wooden houses, roof trusses and others)