House with a Framework Construction

The Framework technology is implemented to the highest standards. The building is placed on a continuous footing or a foundation slab provided by the customer. The supporting structure of the house is a frame made of wood Post and Beam, (Pine or Spruce). The walls are lined from the outside and inside with finishing layers, and insulation material is placed between them. The advantage of this technology is the short investment time, because such a wooden building does not need time to settle – to close the joints.

Unfinished state, open

*the given thicknesses of wooden elements are examples and depend on the design and the customer’s requirements.

Scope of work:

  • Treatment of framework components
  • Delivery to the site. Completion of construction by the Contractor
  • Assembly of the frame according to the design with 0.6m spacing.
  • Build on site
  • Fixing the structure to the foundations
  • Wind insulation of the building from the outside
  • Cladding the ground floor walls with boards or OSB
  • Install floor beams
  • Single (decorative) treatment of the beams inside the building to protect the wood
  • Assembly of the roof trusses
  • Construction of partition walls excluding any brick walls and chimneys
  • Treatment of the terrace structure
  • Unloading and loading of materials
  • Cladding of the gables – screwing boards or OSB boards
  • Roof papering
Dom wybudowany w technologii szkieletowej
Budowa domu szkieletowego

Developers status

List of operations:

  • Construction of the external wooden facade of the building/li>
  • Fit roof cover (type of cover to choose from)
  • Fixing of Soffits outside the building
  • Installation of decorative porch posts
  • Fixing of decorative beam ends
  • Installation of external window joinery (optional)
  • Construction of terraces
  • Thermal insulation with mineral wool gr. 15 cm of outer walls of the ground floor and foiling of these walls
  • Installation of vapor and windproof membranes inside the building
  • Cladding of external walls from the inside of the building with a thick, wide board imitating a log, 20-24 cm wide
  • Install the sound insulation of partition walls
  • Nailing the board on the partition walls, thickness 22mm, width 12cm
  • Install the ceilings decorative beams,
  • Nailing the boarding to the ceiling beams, thickness 22mm, width 12cm.
  • Attic insulation with mineral wool thickness. 20cm
  • Lining the attic with a board, thickness 22mm, width 12cm.
  • Thermal insulation of the peaks with mineral wool thickness 20cm
  • Lining the tops with a board, thickness 22mm, width 12cm
  • Laying of the ground floor 36mm (pine or spruce – optional) without sanding and varnishing
  • Ceiling insulation with mineral wool
  • Lay the attic floor 36mm (pine or spruce – optional) without sanding and varnishing
  • Treatment of the building interior, (twice)