Drzewart Dom

Is a producer of log houses a company with Polish capital. Our buildings combine the dynamism and modernity of the West with the tradition and quality of eastern wood using traditional carpentry methods and quality eastern timber. Drzewart Dom has been building natural, solid wooden houses for three generations. In the last three decades alone, we have built over 800 properties.

Our business

Specializes in the construction of wooden structures, using logs, Post and Beam Frames and twin skin, double wall construction. In our Eco-houses we try to avoid the use of adhesives and OSB and almost all joints are traditional carpentry joints.

From Logs we build

Houses, holiday cottages, mobile homes, inns, guest houses, motels, industrial buildings, sheds, stables, gazebos, etc.

Our sawmill

Is in Podlasie, Eastern Poland, where we have excellent access to the best quality raw material – eastern wood obtained locally from the forests of the Dojlidy and Czarna Bialstokwia district.

Natural homes for your health and well-being

What is our Goal?

Our goal is to build stunning natural structures that will last for 100s of years, which favour the health of the inhabitants and do not disturb the ecological balance.

We have nearly 100 years of tradition! We have built over 800 properties.

Who are we?
What do we build?
We build houses, holiday cottages, mobile homes, inns, guest houses, motels, industrial buildings, sheds, stables, gazebos, etc.

We have combined modernity with almost 100 years of tradition,

Which has continued for three generations from grandfather to father and son. At our factory-sawmill in Walily (Białystok), we have an extensive machine park from all the leading manufacturers, including sawmills, four-sided planes and two professional dryers, thanks to which we can quickly realize even very complex orders.

Trwałe domy z drewna
Ekologiczne domy z drewna

Our wooden houses are healthy and ecological

During construction, we try to avoid adhesives, heavy chemicals and OSB(chipboard) boards, using traditional joinery methods. The natural environment of our log houses affects our health and length of life.

Log Houses

We build from various types of trees, i.e. Pine, Spruce and Larch. On request, also from exotic wood or certified Moon Wood.

Domy z bali Białystok
Wnętrze domu z drewna

We are able to manufacture and build just about any shape / design of building

To our Customer’s specification.

Our sawmill

Located in Waliły near the centre of Podlasie (Białystok), we have excellent access to the best quality raw material – eastern wood obtained from the forests of the Dojlidy and Czarna Białostocka districts. The Head Office of Drzewart Dom Sp. Z o.o. being in Poznań, is closer to the heart of Europe. Such a location favours the combination of high-quality raw materials and many years of construction tradition with modern technologies, strength and dynamics of the West.

What technology do we use to build our wooden houses?
We have three technologies for the construction of our projects:
Solid rectangular log
Solid rectangular log
Twin skin log wall (log house)
Twin skin log wall (log house)
Frame technology (timber houses)
Frame technology (timber houses)
List of operations
We personally choose each tree and log,
We cut wood to size,
We select the best knotless pieces of wood,
We dry wooden components in a drying chamber to a humidity of 14-17%, where all fungi and moulds are removed, and the wood is dry in 3 weeks, where it normally takes approximately 3 years.
We plane the material on four sides, creating beams with a tongue-and-groove joint, or machine panelling of various thicknesses or ready-to-install cladding,
We impregnate ready-made elements with the best treatments available on the market,
Further stages according to the specific order requirements.
Our offer includes roof trusses

Complete house kits, construction timber (rafters, purlins, collar beams, tongs, Plaster boards, battens, beams, posts, binders), and other wooden products such as cladding, wooden floors, soffits, solid wood furniture.

Więźby dachowe Białystok
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